Thursday, January 29, 2009

The roads are a MESS

***Just school tomorrow!! Snow day #4*****

This is a photo of a snow plow that overturned here in the county ~ I didn't take it..found it on the local TV station website.
Well it has been another cold day here but NO new snow. I had to go to get my tire repaired/replaced today and I left the store with not 1 but 2 new tires!! The other tire I replaced had a huge nail in it and the tread was too low to balance the tire ~ whatever that means. and the side streets are NO better than they were 2 days ago. I would not be surprised if we have no school again tomorrow. They finally cleared the road in front of the middle school this afternoon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You have GOT to be kidding me....

Well we had a lot more snow last night so we have another snow day!! Tim left the house this morning and was able to make it to work no problem ~ he says it is because his manual car is 4 wheel drive....well whoopdie do!!This is how much snow we had in our driveway...this was ontop of the layer of ice that feel before the snow after midnight.When the snow finally stopped in the late morning we had blue sky and sun! It does look very pretty. Upon completing the snow removal with the snow blower I decided to be a good friend and go to Diana's to do her driveway again like yesterday. I mean who wouldn't do it for a mug of hot chocolate? Anyway, I was driving into her neighborhood and decided the roads were too bad and was going to skip it. Famous last words...I slid and got STUCK. A very nice man came over to help me and it was a good thing as my front tire had a HOLE and was FLAT! He got the van unstuck and drove it to Dianas where I called my hero - TIM to come and help me. He did arrive and changed the tire and Diana gave him a 4 way {Cinci chili with cheese and onions} She will be posting photos I am sure on her blog.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a SNOW day....

YEP....we have a snow day today! I must admit I thought the weather forecast would be wrong as usual and we'd get nothing. Well ~ not this time!! As of this morning we have approximately 5 inches of snow and we are expecting a whole lot more this evening and overnight an additional 6-12 inches. {WOW} Maggie and Millie had fun outside and I am sure they will be back out again latter.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The END is in sight...

We are SO close to having the basement remodel complete! The carpet is being installed this week and we are just about done. Tim still needs to complete the suspended ceiling on the back half of the room and the pole needs to be painted but otherwise we are done. After then I can have fun with the 'accessories' in the space. :-}

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Winter Formal

Andrew went to his first high school dance tonight. He and his friends looked very handsome and the girls quite pretty. The moms of the boys drove to meet the girls at one house where the poor kids had to suffer through 7 moms all taking photos. {Secretly, I know they all loved it.} I was the driver of the night and dropped them all of to dinner and then on to the dance. Another mom has the duty of bringing them home at the end of the night. One of my favorite photos is of Andrew and Nicholas laughing together while waiting for photos. These two have been close friends since preschool and they are just as close now as they were then. It is great to see two boys form such a lasting friendship. His mom, Diana, is a great friend too!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby it COLD outside... is freezing here. OK, not as cold at where Kathy is in Minnesota but it is cold for Indiana. This morning it was -7 air temperature BEFORE the windchill. The schools announced a 2 hour delay yesterday but decided to cancel school all together this morning. The kids are taking advantage of the day off ~ sleeping in, playing games and just laying around. I have to admit I am too!

We have made the decision to change schools for Maggie. She will start the new one next week. She spent the day there yesterday and had a great time. She is most excited about wearing a uniform. How funny is that? But I guess that is what she is used to having worn them for 3.5 years in England. She will be attending the Catholic school which is down the street from our house. {Nana will be happy} She will be just going from one corner to the other so she can still walk to school once the weather gets warmer.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Scrapping night??

OK....I am behind, alright I haven't even started yet, on Andrew's sports scrapbook. SO who wants to get together and have a scrapping night? Come on, don't all answer at once :-} Any night will do ~

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Enought ALREADY...

In our move back to the US, July 2008, our family room furniture was damaged. The relocation companies insurance compensated us for the damage and we have spent WAY too long looking for something new. {In fact, it has been 4 months.} I told Tim at the store today that it has taken us longer for this than buying any of our homes. How sad is that?? Anyway, I 'think' we have finally found the right match for our family. The recliner, aka Tim's chair, will be exactly as you see it in the same chocolate brown leather. The sofas will be a different fabric than what is pictured here ~ I think I am going to go with a cranberry type chenille. The hardest part will be selecting the accent pillows, 5 of them, but it will work out I am sure. I know they will end up on the floor most of the time anyway...who uses 5 accent pilows??

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Who is A L Michaels?

This may not be funny to any of you readers but to our family we just had the laugh of the night. ~ courtesy of Andrew.

As we were watching the introduction to tonight's Colts Wild card game the commentators were talking and Andrew pipes up with the following : "who is A L Michaels?". He was reading the name AL Michaels and thought it was his initials. Can I tell you how hard we laughed!! I think it is time to get back to school....someone is losing brain cells from all the video games he has been playing.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Tape and Mud Day 1

Tim is making the most of his holiday time by putting in a lot of time on the basement remodel. Today was spent taping and mudding the drywall. It was my job to apply the mud on the drywall screws and Tim did the taping. This was a win win situation as my job was the easier of the two. The mud will dry overnight and then layer 2 will be applied tomorrow. I am 'hoping' the room will be ready for paint in a couple of weeks but that may be too optimistic but one can hope.

Happy New Year

Welcome 2009! Wow...this past year has gone by so very fast it is hard to believe it is already over. This time last year we were looking at homes for our move back to the USA ~ WOW! Tonight we went to a friends house for their New Year's Eve party and everyone had a really nice time. What is really sad is that by 10:30 we were wishing it was midnight so we could go to bed :-} It was a great evening of laughing and lots of good food.
We hope that this year is an amazing one for all of you. While it may not have the many big changes for our family in 2008 we hope it is full of wonderful times and memories.