Monday, September 21, 2009

Flashrock Invitational

Here is video of the cross country meet this past weekend. Andrew can be seen at the very beginning as one of the two boys running to the front of the pack. {on the right closest to the spectators} You then see him at the other points of the the 1 mile mark he is on the inside left....He had another great race...finished 8th in his race out of 197 with a time of 15.52 and 19th overall with both races combined of 384 runners.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

School Picture Time

The boys both had school pictures a couple of weeks ago and we got them in the mail today! I have to say I LOVE THEM! Both photos captured the boys well. Christopher Freshman year ~ age 14

Andrew Sophomore year ~ age 15 {16 in 2 weeks}

I scanned the photos so they are not the best quality but you can get the general idea of the photos.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Christopher's Great Day

Yes this is a double post as both boys had great days in their respective activities. Once we got home from the meet we got back in the car and headed to Lucas Oil Stadium ~ where the Colt's play. The football team was playing a game there and the marching band performed at half time. It was a great game and the band was GREAT!! Their hard work is really paying off and they will continue to improve as the season goes along. Competition time is getting ready to start up so this was a great way to see where they needed improvements. For those who don't know Chris plays the bass drum so he is easy to find on the field :-}

Andrew's GREAT day

Today was another morning of cross country and the team and Andrew did AMAZING. They won the invitational and beat the #1 team in the state! Andrew was one of 5 guys who ran in under 16 minutes which is HUGE!! Andrew ran 15.55 a new personal best which beat his 16.35 from a couple of weeks ago. He placed 9th out of 92. It was a fun race to watch. The girls won as well plus the JV boys too!